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Site Layout 3.0!

Toonz a posted Aug 7, 15

In the spirit of the new expansion being announced, I decided to revamp the site again with a much better looking appearance, hopefully everyone likes it.

If you find anything that is either broken or that you think I forgot to do, or even just general ideas then just let me know :D


New Site Layout is Live!

Toonz a posted May 27, 15

I think we could have all agreed the site needed some work, so I decided to give it a bit of an overhaul, hopefully you guys like the new layout as much as I do.

Please Report anything that doesnt work properly or you think I forgot to do and I am keen to hear your suggestions/feature requests from here on.

There will be more cool features coming soon so look forward to that!

- Toonz

10/10 Mythic!

Erythmia a posted Apr 5, 15

Finally Blackhand is dead! We've had many roster issues this tier, so we're happy to announce that we ended on a world rank of 114 and a realm rank of 3. We're already preparing the roster for the upcoming tier and are aiming to get even better ranks when it hits. That being said, we're still recruiting exceptional players, specifically a healer and some solid DPS. 

A special thanks to the people who stuck with us through the hard times, and to the officer team for pulling us through all of this alive!

Good job, everyone!

Good job everyone, finally a kill on the boss. Onwards to Blackhand!

Furnace and Blackhand to go!

A little lack of updates lately, but we're still going strong in Blackrock Mythic progress, our latest victim being possibly the most enjoyable encounter thus far. Time to take out the remaining 3 bosses.

Highmaul is now officially over. The kill on Imperator (& Cho'gall) took us longer than expected. Fortunately for us Highmaul was just the half way of this tier. Time to run it back in Blackrock boys!

We're still looking for solid players in our roster for Blackrock progress. Especially on the look for a really solid healer and melee.

6/7 - Butcher butchered

Zacharias a posted Dec 31, 14

6/7 Mythic - Imperator left.

Butcher & Imperator to go! We've also opened recruitment for 1 mistweaver monk / holy paladin. Also recruiting 1 sick melee dps!

Heroic Split runs done - Bring on Mythic next reset!

Currently recruiting 1 full time healer for mythic progress, preferably a druid or monk.

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